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Our Accountability Plan

As a publication we hold all team members to high standards, and we also emphasize transparency with our leadership. With that in mind, we want to release our accountability plan in case a member of our team is ever accused of sexual violence. This is only proactive at this point, and while we all sincerely hope that there is never a need to put this policy into action, we want to make sure it is very clear what we will do should something happen.

All paths forward will be decided with the survivor’s wants in mind and will vary from situation to situation because of that. As a baseline however, we will do the following: 


  1. Remove the accused from any leadership positions to best ensure a restorative process. 

  2. Hide all pieces they have written.

  3. Work with the survivor to honor their wishes about whether or not the accused is permanently removed from The Rose, and emphasize restorative justice. 


Through our emphasis of restorative justice we will create teams to work with both parties, work with outside groups as necessary, and understand each party’s unique needs while also holding the accused accountable.

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